What is it Like Living With Hard Water?

Living in a house with hard water can be tough. You just don’t have the same outcomes and experiences as residents of a soft-water household. There is a lot to be said about hard water; after all, people want to know what it is, where it comes from, how it affects us, and how to get rid of it. We can cover all that information and more in this very blog! Learn a little more about hard water below, and then try to put yourself in the shoes of a family living with hard water. Continue reading to see what would happen if you had to live with hard water for a week, and what it can do to our skin, clothes, hair, dishes, plumbing, and more.

Skin and Hair

After a few days of showing in hard water, you will notice that your hair is a bit greasy with residue buildup, and your skin is very dry and brittle. Hard water contains mineral salts, like calcium and magnesium, which can have these kinds of negative effects, and more, on our skin, nails, hair, and even teeth. The mineral ions dry out the skin and makes it more difficult to wash shampoo out thoroughly. This leads to residue buildup in hair, and dried-out flaky skin.

Hot Water and Water Pressure

The same mineral salts in hard water damage a home’s water heater due to sediment buildup and diminished performance. When hard water is heated inside your water heater tank, all the mineral debris is extracted out and settles at the bottom of the tank. This is called sediment, and reduces the performance capacity of a hot water heater. When you are bathing, or washing dishes, you may notice that your water takes longer to heat up, or doesn’t heat up to the temperature it did before. The same goes for water pressure. With a hard water problem, you will start to notice reduced water pressure, which usually stems from clogged or calcified plumbing.

Monthly Utility Bills

At the end of the week, you will receive your monthly utility bill and energy bill. They will be higher than the months before, even though your family has not changed a thing in their routine. This is a result of hard water causing problems with the water heater, appliances, and plumbing. It forces appliances to work harder, only to produce barely-acceptable results.

Washing Dishes

Dishes are going to start looking foggy and spotted. White spots all over your cups, dishes, and silverware are a sign of hard water. The mineral ions are not cleaned away with detergent, and remain behind, only to be seen once they have dried.

Plumbing Fixtures and Pipes

Plumbing can become clogged or deteriorate overtime from hard water mineral buildup. The same mineral ions can cause lime scale-buildup in faucets and drains, leaving behind white and green calcified scum around the fixture.


Your clothes will start to look dull, faded, and dingy, even though you are using the same detergent you’ve used for ten years. This is because hard water is damaging to our laundry. It can also cause problems with your washer.

Drinking Water

Every time you use water from the faucet to cook soup, or make a cup of coffee, you will not like what you taste. Because hard water is high in iron, and other mineral salts, it has a metallic, rusty taste that is very undesirable. All your food and drinks will taste funny because of hard water.

Get Rid of Hard Water

To combat hard water problems, simply install a water softener in your home. Contact a professional Indianapolis water softener installation service for accurate industry recommendations and assistance. They retain the proper tools, training, and equipment to accurately assess and deliver all your water softening needs.

Water Softener Repair Indianapolis

Water Softener Repair Coupons Indianapolis Indiana 317-537-9770

Water Softener Repair Coupons Indianapolis Indiana 317-537-9770

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How to Identify the Level of Hardness in a City’s Water Supply

As water falls from the sky as rain, it is soft and free of mineral compounds. Once it hits the ground, and permeates the soil, clay, and bedrock, it is no longer soft. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium ions that change the composition, taste, and appearance of water. In order to eliminate these minerals, you must install a water softener system, or move to an area with a lower hard-water supply. Continue reading to learn how to identify the level of hardness in your town’s water.

Hard Water Levels

Hard water causes scale buildup on a home’s plumbing and fixtures, as well as, reduces the effectiveness of soap. This means skin is dry, hair retains residue, laundry is faded and dingy, and dishes are white with scum. There are two main methods to determining the level of hardness in your area, or in a town you wish to move to. The first is contacting your local water treatment plant or city water center and follow the instructions to get the information you seek. You are most likely going to speak with an automated system initially, but may also have the option to speak with a live company representative about your hard water.

The second option is to call a licensed master plumber or Indianapolis water softener repair contractor for accurate diagnostics and industry advice. They retain the proper resources, tools, and training to identify the level of hardness in a residential or commercial water supply. The best way to combat high hard water levels is to install a water softening systems. These units are extremely valuable and lucrative investments and strongly encouraged for every household and commercial property.

Water Softener Repair Indianapolis

Water Softener Repair Coupons Indianapolis Indiana 317-537-9770

Water Softener Repair Coupons Indianapolis Indiana 317-537-9770

Call Water Softener Repair Indianapolis at 317-537-9707 for professional service and information. We install, repair, replace, and service all make and model water softeners. Our highly trained and qualified water softener service contractors also sell new water softeners at the most competitive prices in town. Call 317-537-9707 to learn more about our water softener repair services in Indianapolis, IN today.