Solutions for a Leaking Water Softener

A water softener is one of the most lucrative investments you can make for your home. Effortless chores, excellent hygiene, spotless dishes, personal comfort, and damage-free plumbing are all benefits that conditioned water has to offer. These benefits save money, time, and frustration. So when your water softener springs a leak, it is important to act fast if you want to protect your investment and preserve your home comfort. Continue reading to learn some effective solutions for a leaky water softener.

Water Softener Leaks

If the leak is coming directly from the water softener and not from the pipes connected to the appliance, then you will need to start by turning off your main water supply. This will at least protect your home from flooding damage and avoid huge water bills. Once your water supply is turned off, continue with these steps for a water softener leak:

① Turn off the power supply to the water softener to prevent electrocution injuries.

② Look for the water softener’s bypass valve. It should be located in the back, at the top of the unit. This is also where the inlet and outlet water connections are located. You will see the phrase, “Push For Bypass” on one end of the bypass valve.

③ Push in the knob that says, “Push For Bypass.” This will let the water to bypass the softener.

④ If your water softener is new, contact the company that installed it for you. They should come out to inspect and resolve any leak issues.

⑤ If your water softener is old, you should consider replacing it with a newer, more efficient model. Otherwise, you probably require water softener repair or some parts replaced, in which case you would need to call a licensed water softener repair contractor for professional service.

Leaks From Pipes

If the leak is coming from the pipes connected to your water softener, it is mostly likely an installation issue. Contact the person who installed it right away and let them know you have a leak problem. They are the ones responsible for the tubing and connections that supply the water inlet and outlet lines.

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