3 Tips for Well Water With High Levels of Iron

Water Softener Repair 317-537-9707

Water Softener Repair 317-537-9707

If your home’s well water supply has a higher-than-normal amount of iron in it, you probably know it. As soon as the salt in your water softener reaches a certain level of low, you can taste the excess hard mineral content in your beverages, and you can see it on your plates and plumbing fixtures. By now, you are tired of living with high traces of iron in your well water, so it is time to make a change.

Continue reading to learn three important tips that will help you better manage the iron content in your water, and protect your water softener from sediment damage years to come.

Use a Quality Water Softening Salt

Do not use the cheapest rock salt you can find at the store. Not only is this ineffective toward managing the iron in your water, it is damaging to the inner components of the water softener itself (valves, tubes, clog injectors, brine tank, O-rings, etc.). So for well water with high iron content, it is more valuable and lucrative to use a higher-quality salt that is formulated for iron removal.

Recommended Brand: Morton Premium Formula Rust Remover Water Softening Pellets, 40lbs – $6.24

Use a Quality Resin Bed Cleaner Once a Year

Do not skip annual water softener maintenance! It is important to have your resin bed cleaned once a year. If doing this yourself, be sure to use a quality resin bed cleaning product. It is recommended to have your water softener serviced professionally once a year, during which the technician will provide all these services using professional-grade products. Whether cleaning the resin bed yourself or outsourcing the service, just be sure to do it once every year.

Install an Iron Filter for Serious Cases

If your iron content is especially high, you may want to consider having an additional filter installed before your water softener line, to filter the iron out. Eventually, the excess iron content in your water will ruin your resin bed, even with routine maintenance. So using an iron filter can help reduce the chances of having to replace your water softener resin bed too soon.

Indianapolis Water Softener Repair

Indianapolis Water Softener Repair 317-537-9707

Indianapolis Water Softener Repair 317-537-9707

Call 317-537-9707 for professional water softener repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are experienced contractors that offer a wide range of residential and commercial water softener services for all make and model units. On top of competitive pricing, we also offer water softener coupons and discounts! Call 317-537-9707 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis water softener repair, today.

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