A General Overview of Kinetico Water Softeners

Water softeners condition a property’s water supply by removing hard mineral ions (i.e. calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.) and replacing them with softer ones, such as sodium or potassium; a process known as mineral ion exchange. Soft water conditioners are essential assets for any home or building with running water, primarily because they provide so many health benefits, but also because they prevent a long list of undesirable effects caused by hard water. From cloudy dishware to scale buildup in your plumbing, a good-quality water softener can prevent these adverse hard water effects and much more.

If you are having problems with hard water in your home or office, it is time start looking for a water softening system. Consider a Kinetico® Water Softener for reliable and efficiency water conditioning. They can be used for both residential and commercial applications, and widely-available at most appliance stores. Continue reading to learn more about Kinetico® water softeners.


Kinetico® Water Systems Inc. was founded in the 1970’s by two Ohio engineers named Jim Kewley and Bill Prior. They manufacture and produce a lengthy line of water softeners and water filtration systems for residential and commercial establishments. Since their water conditioners use a kinetic process for the regeneration cycle, they created the name “Kinetico.” In 2006, the company was picked up by Axel Johnson Inc.

Water Softener Series

Kinetico® is well-known for their twin-tank demand-operated water softeners that operate without using electricity. They offer a wide selection of water softener systems, all retaining various features, functions, and efficiency levels. Choose from their Kinetico® series, Premier series, Signature series, Essential series, Powerline series, Aquakinetic series, scale reduction systems (SRS), or RO whole-house membrane systems.

All of their products and appliances are certified by two of the most reputable, independent water safety and testing organizations in the country, the Water Quality Association (WQA and the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF). They are safe and reliable water softeners that are reasonably-priced to fit the average homeowners’ budget.

Notable Kinetico® Attributes:

• Economically-Priced
• Low to Moderate Operation Costs
• Good Warranty Coverage
• Practical Features
• Two-Tank System
• Good for High Levels of Hardness

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