Are Water Softeners Wasteful?

There is a common misconception among consumers on the market for water quality systems. Many people are concerned that water softeners are wasteful in terms of energy, water, and even salt. But this is mostly a misapprehension, unless you consider taking a shower or brushing your teeth a waste of water. These are necessary, everyday routines that the average person would not consider to be a waste. Continue reading to learn more about water softener efficiency, and how they do no waste water, energy, and salt.

The Benefits of Water Conditioning

The reason why you should not look at water softeners as wasteful appliances is because they provide us with so many benefits that we truly need to sustain a suitable quality of life. Soft water is more than just health, tasty, and convenient, it saves money on related appliance repairs and replacements, as well as, plumbing repairs and replacements. Since hard water produces scale, you can expect it to build up over time in your water-related appliances, like water heaters, washing machines, plumbing pipes, drains, plumbing fixtures, and more. Scale build-up can damage these areas and reduce water flow, which eventually leads to costly repairs and premature replacements.

Here are some more negative effects of hard water that a water softener can prevent:

• Scale build-up on bath, kitchen, and tile fixtures
• Leftover soapy film on skin
• Dry, flakey, itchy skin
• Shampoo residue buildup in hair and on scalp
• Greasy-feeling, limp hair
• Poor-tasting tea, coffee, and lemonade
• White film on plates, dishes, and glasses
• Reduced soap lather formation
• Dingy, gray-looking laundry
• Damaged, faded, or worn-looking clothing
• Increased energy and water bills
• Reduced water heater lifespan

Water Softener Repair

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