Check the Level of Hardness in Neighborhood Water Supplies Before Moving In!

Buying a new home or moving into a new neighborhood requires extensive though and consideration. Not only is there a budget to think about, but other contemplation’s are on the mind as well; such as location, amenities, school zones, and much more. When it comes to location, there is one aspect that is commonly overlooked and regrettable; hardness of local water supplies.

New Local Water Supplies

After moving into a new neighborhood, home owners will start to notice signs of hard water right away. Things like dry and itchy skin, lack of soap suds and lather, dingy laundry, bad tasting drinks, and bathroom film are indications that your community’s water supply has a high level of hardness; meaning the local water contains high traces of calcium and magnesium. It is possible to purchase an expensive, high-functioning water softener to reduce the negative effects of hard water; however, it is better to simply check the locality’s level of hard water before deciding to move into a new home or apartment.

Hard water is defined as water containing large amounts of mineral content; such as calcium, magnesium, and other bicarbonates and sulfates. Rain water is initially soft; but soon accumulates hard minerals once it reaches and absorbs into the ground. The rain water passes through rock, chalk, and limestone. As it passes through each level of ground, it picks up more and more minerals making the level of hardness higher. Neighborhoods that have hard water are probably located on top of a large bed if limestone; or their water supply facility is located near high mineral areas. This is why certain regions have softer water than others. It all depends on what’s beneath the ground, and how the water is treated at the local water plant.

Water Softener Repair Indianapolis

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