Common Water Softener Problems

Water softeners are highly beneficial, and in most opinions, highly necessary appliances for residential and commercial properties. Not only does hard water jeopardize important appliances like the softener itself, water heaters, washing machines, plumbing pipes and fixtures, and more, it also wastes precious, hard-earned money in energy loss, appliance repairs and replacements, new clothing, extra soap and moisturizers, and much more.

Soft water is a huge advantage for money-conscious, eco-conservative, folks that appreciate healthy skin, hair, and nails, as well as, clean, spot-free dishes and soft, clean laundry. Without a proper-working water conditioner, all of these areas are subject to the negative consequences of hard, mineral-dense water. So it is important to keep water softeners working in their optimal conditions, and to keep an eye out for small issues before they can turn into large, costly nightmares. Continue reading for a list of common water softener problems and who to call if your unit is displaying any of these signs.

Line Blockages

Any appliance that has a liquid flowing through it is commonly subjected to blockages. In the case of a water conditioner, lines can become blocked by salt and mineral deposits that build up over time. This generally occurs in the filter screens and brine lines. Homeowners will notice a drop in water quality in terms of effectiveness and feel. Spots on dishes, dingy laundry, greasy hair, dry skin and nails, and white film around plumbing fixtures are all indications that something is up with your water softener. Fortunately, line blockages are simple and quick fixes, so long as the repair is carried out by a professional.

Salt Bridges

Not only can salt and mineral deposits accumulate inside water lines, they can also build up inside the water softener tank. These are called salt bridges because they almost take on the form of a bridge as a result of sodium-forming piles. When a water softener begins to lose performance value, it could be caused by salt bridging inside the tank. A common indication is if the water softener fails to enter a regeneration cycle, or if it operates but does not soften the water.

User Error

Often times, water softener problems occur as a result of user error. This is often the case for models that require manual input for settings and controls. If a person is not a trained water softener technician, it can be complicated doing this perfectly every time. As a result, errors happen and problems arise. The smallest change or incorrect setting can cause a softener to fail.

Water Softener Repair in Indianapolis

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Water Softener Services 317-537-9707

Call 317-537-9707 for professional water softener repair in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. We are highly trained and qualified water softener technicians that offer a wide range of services for all make and model units. From repair and maintenance, to installation, replacement, and more, our water softener services are wide-spread. Call 317-537-9707 for free estimates and information about water softener service in Indianapolis, IN today.

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