DIY Water Softener Care Tips

Water softeners are incredibly important appliances that protect our skin, hair, dishes, clothing, plumbing, and most importantly, our investments. An efficient water softener can improve your quality of life, and even save you a lot of money. Fortunately, water softening systems are designed to require very little maintenance on the part of the consumer. In fact, the majority of all manufacturer recommended services for your water softener will be carried out by a licensed professional. Keep in mind that, your part, although small, is still vital to the efficiency and long-term performance of your water softener.

Continue reading to learn the DIY water softener tips that can help you follow through on your maintenance plan.

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Water Softener Salt

If your home water softener uses a brine tank, you will need to periodically re-fill the tank with more salt. Your water softener’s manufacturers’ manual will suggest a certain type of salt to use in your particular make and model unit, but you can choose any salt-type you like so long as it is compatible. There are a surprisingly large number of water softener salt options to choose from. The two main categories of water softener salt are sodium chloride and potassium chloride. Take note that no other type of salt should be used with a water softener. Also important, only add salt to your water softener when the salt levels are low enough (almost gone). And be sure to never fill your tank more than two-thirds full!

Iron Removal

In addition to re-filling the brine tank, you can choose to use an iron remover product, like Iron-Out, in your water softener tank, which will clean the resin beds and all other parts in the unit’s control valve. It generally comes in a powder form and available at most hardware stores or even the cleaning isle at the supermarket. Apply this maintenance once per year for best results.

Water Softener Service

As mentioned, there are certain manufacturer recommended services for your water softener. Although you will not be implementing these services yourself, it is still your duty to find a reputable water softener service company and schedule bi-annual appointments, or according to your owners’ manual. Such services include brine tank cleaning, which should be done once a year, as well as, drain line inspections, minor repairs, and more.

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Water Softener Services 317-537-9707
Water Softener Services 317-537-9707
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