Do I Need a New Water Softener?

There are 3 primary reasons why you might be asking yourself if it’s time to buy a new water softener:

Your current water softener is experiencing performance issues, which in turn is causing your water and energy bills to rise;

The average level of water consumption in your home has changed drastically;

Your current water softener is not meeting your expectations, and you want more control over your water quality;

Regardless of your reason for inquiry, addressing water softener concerns is a sign of smart investing. After all, these are significant investments, and highly valuable to the overall well-being of your home. Without a functioning water softener, you are at risk of corroded plumbing, poor performing appliances, foul tasting and odorous tap water, cloudy dishes, dingy clothes, sticky skin, dull hair, and much more. The negative effects of hard water are wide-spread, so it is important to keep up with your home’s softening system. Continue reading to learn more.

Water Softener Service 317-537-9707

Water Softener Service 317-537-9707

Increased Bills

When your water and energy bills continue to get higher and higher even though you have made no major changes to your home, you are experiencing low efficiency levels. In this case, it would be necessary to either have your water softener serviced to improve performance, or replace your entire unit for a brand new one. This is sometimes a positive rather than a negative since a brand new water softener is also covered by a fresh, brand new warranty. As soon as you make the proper changes and adjustments to your home’s water softening system, you will start to see your energy and water bills balance back out within a few months.

Water Consumption Changes

In the case that your water consumption has changed, it could be time to replace your unit with one that is more suited to the new level of water consumption within your home. For example, if you are a recent “empty nester” because all of your teenagers have moved out for college, your water usage just went from 4 to 5 people, to a mere two. In this case, you would want a smaller water softener to better meet your efficiency and budget needs. On the other hand, you might have just had some people move into your home, in which case you might need a higher capacity water softener to meet the new level of consumption.

Water Quality Control

Sometimes, your water softener is just not providing the quality you want in your home’s water. In this case, you would want to consider upgrading your current unit for one that has some of the more modern and innovative features you are looking for, such as energy efficient, solar powered, programmable thermostats, digital temperature control, reverse osmosis add-ons, and more. A local and trusted Indianapolis water softener technician will be happy to provide all the necessary assessments and advice you need to get your home’s water softening system back on track.

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Water Softener Services 317-537-9707

Call 317-537-9707 for Indianapolis water softener repair and service at the most competitive prices in town. We are highly trained and licensed plumbing contractors that specialize in a wide range of commercial and residential water softener services, including repairs, replacements, installation, maintenance, sales, and more. Call 317-537-9707 to request a free estimate for water softener service, anytime. Don’t forget to ask us about our special coupons and discounts!

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