Does a Water Softener Remove Chlorine?

Many people are concerned about their water quality within their homes, and for good reason. Water supplies can become contaminated with numerous organisms, bacteria, and viruses; or contain high traces of unwanted minerals. One common “ingredient” found in tap water is chlorine. We use the term ingredient because often times, chlorine is intentionally added to water supplies to disinfect them and make them safe for consumption. You see, chlorine regulates microbes and eliminates waterborne diseases that may travel through residential water supplies. This process is called water chlorination and is usually administered by local water companies.

But sometimes, too much chlorine in water supplies can be non-beneficial. For this reason, many people opt to have chlorine content removed from their home water supply. But how is this accomplished? Can a water softener remove chlorine from water just like it does hard minerals? For these answers and more, continue reading to better understand water chlorination and chlorine removal.

Negative Effects of Chlorine in Water

Chlorine is categorized as a pesticide by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Although chlorine is a proven method to disinfect water supplies, there have been a few issues found with having too much chlorine in your tap water. For instance, when chlorine is introduced into a water supplies, it mixes with other elements and creates chlorination “byproducts” called Trihalomethanes, or THM’s. These can cause several adverse health effects, including red blood cell damage. It can cause stomach discomfort, skin issues, and even some cancers. And lastly, it kills all the good bacteria in our bodies that we rely on for digestion and more. Keep in mind it can also affect home appliances, like water softeners!

Chlorine Removal

To answer the initial question about water softeners and chlorine removal, the answer is yes! A water softener does work well for chlorine removal purposes, and can be purchased at any local home store or water softener company. It is important to choose a water conditioning system that offers chlorine removal. These units generally use filters, cartridges, and granulated activated carbon (GAC) in combination with resin beads, to eliminate chlorine levels in tap water. Be sure to consult a professional water softener technician to accurately match the appropriate size, make, and model water conditioning system that’s right for your home.

Water Softener Repair Indianapolis

Water Softener Repair Coupons Indianapolis Indiana 317-537-9707

Water Softener Repair Coupons Indianapolis Indiana 317-537-9707

Call 317-537-9707 for professional water softener repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. On top of repairing, replacing, installing, and servicing all make and model water conditioning systems for commercial and residential properties, we offer information and support for chlorine removal and more. Call 317-537-9707 to learn more about the chlorine removal process, and to get professional guidance from a qualified water softener repair technician in Indianapolis, IN today.

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