How to Enhance the Performance of Your Water Softener

Perhaps your soft water needs have evolved over the years and now you find yourself wanting better water quality for your home; or maybe you have noticed that your current water softener is lacking in efficiency due to older age or poorer brand quality. Either way, you are here now, trying to discover ways to boost your water softener’s performance. Fortunately, there are available options for enhancing the softness and overall quality of your tap water, and none of them are out of budget.

Continue reading for some top-recommended options for improving your water conditioning system, and how to determine which route is best for you.

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Conventional Water Softening

Your water softener is one of the most conventional and effectual methods of conditioning municipally-sourced water. The primary purpose of a water softener is to treat hard water. Hard water is water that contains high traces of mineral content, like magnesium, iron, and calcium. These elements come from the ground, rock, and soil, and dissolves into natural water supplies; therefore, hard water levels are different everywhere. One municipality can have extremely high levels of hard mineral control in their water supply, while the neighboring township has drastically lower levels, or naturally “softer” water.

Signs of Poor Water Softener Performance

You will know when your water softener is lacking in performance or efficiency value because you will see the signs. You will see differences in the quality of your dishwashing, laundry, hair, skin, and cuisine. Coffee might start to taste odd, or clothes might feel a little stiffer. There are many ways to tell if the hard water levels have risen in your household. See our blog, “What is Your Water Telling You?” to learn all the signs of hard water, and what you can do to combat them all.

Water Softener Enhancements

By combining your current water softener with an additional water purification system, you can instantly upgrade the quality of your water. Best of all, these systems are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and require little to no maintenance. Contact a local soft water professional for personalized advice on how to improve the quality of your home’s tap water. Recommended water purification systems that can help achieve this level of water quality include reverse osmosis, whole-house water filtration, POI water purifiers, carbon iron filters, and more. You can also incorporate new water conditioning components to your water softener, such as:

Water Refiner (Hybrid) – A whole home filter system that eliminates chlorine and other impurities known to cause bad flavors and smells in tap water.

Sediment Filter – A device designed to remove residual hard minerals and sediment from your water before it reaches the water softener.

Blending Valve – If you don’t want your water to be really slick, a blending valve will maintain a minimal level of hard water during conditioning.

How to Improve Your Water Quality in Indianapolis

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Water Softener Services 317-537-9707
Water Softener Services 317-537-9707
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