The Difference Between Water Descaling and Water Conditioning

Are you having problems with your home or business’s water quality? As you are beginning to understand, the quality of water has a huge impact on your quality of life or business’s success. One of the most common causes of poor water quality is hard water, and subsequently, limescale; and these are most likely your current water quality issues. There are a few methods of resolving hard water and limescale problems, with water softening and water descaling taking the lead as the most effective.

Continue reading to learn more about both, including which one is the better solution for your hard water problems.

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Hard Water and Limescale Buildup

When hard water is present, it can cause a whole heap of frustrations, which is why so many homes opt to condition their water, removing whatever it is that makes hard. Actually, what makes water “hard” are minerals like magnesium and calcium. These minerals precipitate out of hard water, forming a filmy white residue called scale. We’ve all seen it somewhere before, that white rim surrounding a bathroom faucet or drain? It’s called scale and it is a problem.

Scale is troublesome for many reasons. It sticks to plumbing pipes, dishware, water heaters, coffee machines, fixtures, drains, and much more, eventually deteriorating and wearing them down over time. This leads to reduced plumbing performance, funny tasting beverages, cloudy dishes, and increased utility bills. It can also cause major plumbing expenses if pipes corrode.

Water Softening is an Effective Solution to a Hard Water Problem

One of the most popular, efficient, and cost-effective methods to removing hard water is installing a water conditioning system. There are a few types of water softeners on the market for residential and commercial use, such as electromagnetic, magnetic, salt-free, and salt-based water softeners. Salt-based water softening systems are the most prevalent and popular versions used in residential settings. These units require routine manual salt-pellet refills, but they are inexpensive and highly effective.

Water Softening Versus Water Descaling

Many people in the market for a water conditioning system ask about descaling and if it is considered an equal alternative to water softening. Here are the facts: the difference between “descaling” and “water conditioning” is that water conditioners remove the minerals in water that cause it to become hard; whereas a descaler only treats the scale once it is formed by hard water elements. Basically, water softeners remove the problem, while descalers remove the damage caused by the problem. So, is descaling an alternative to water conditioning? Sure, but it is not nearly as effective. Keep in mind that salt-free water softeners are in fact just descalers.

Where to Get Affordable Water Softening Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Water Softener Services 317-537-9707
Water Softener Services 317-537-9707
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