What to Do if Your Water Softener Stops Working

There is a fantastic rudimentary checklist you can use if your water softener stops working. This checklist will allow you to look at certain areas of your unit and implement easy DIY procedures to help diagnose a water softener issue. Continue reading to get started reviewing this water softener diagnostics checklist!

Water Softener Diagnosis Checklist

1. Locate the power supply and check that it is still secure. Also check to see if a breaker has been tripped. Often times, this is the underlying issue behind a nonoperational water softener. If your system operates on a low-voltage transformer, use a VOM (volt ohm meter) to check that it’s outputting direct current at adequate voltage levels.

2. Check if there is salt in the tank. It sounds obvious, but you would be surprised to learn just how often this is the reason for an inoperative water softener. If the tank is low on salt, refill it and see if that solves the issue.

3. Locate and check the bypass valve. Check that the water softener is not set to “bypass” and then determine whether or not water is flowing through the system. Keep in mind that not all water conditioners have actual bypass valves, but rather, standard plumbing or globe valves that serve the same purpose. Check that these are in the right place.

4. Check the timer. Sometimes these fail, causing a water softener to stop regenerating. Be sure the clock wheels are turning.

5. Implement a manual regeneration cycle. There should be a lever or button on or around the control box to push that will start a new regeneration cycle.

6. Reset the salt dosages and regeneration cycles as they should be for the level of water hardness, as well as, the size and number of occupants in your household.

7. Evaluate your water supply. Taste it, feel it, use it to wash dishes, and then assess the condition. If it tastes funny, doesn’t lather in soap, leaves spots on dishes, or feels slimy, then your water softener is not treating the water supply sufficiently.

8. Now is the time to call a professional water softener repair service for accurate diagnosis and repairs.

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