Why Does Hard Water Taste Funny?

Have you ever had a glass of tap water that just doesn’t taste right? If so, you might have been drinking hard water. Hard water can be found all over the country, in almost 80% of residential households and commercial properties. It all depends on the type of land, district, and region. Hard water is much different than the bottled water you buy at the store. Hard water is hard because it contains high traces of mineral salts, such as calcium and magnesium, which changes its composition.

When water is filtered and purified, and then bottled, it is no longer hard. This is because those mineral calcium ions and magnesium ions are removed. An interesting fact is that rainwater is pure water. It is not hard at all until he hits the ground. Once it hits the ground, it permeates the surface and continues to seep beneath the soil, bedrock, and more. When the rainwater soaks and infiltrates into the ground, and dissipates through all of these layers of rock, sand, and soil, it begins to pick up and accumulate these mineral salts. This is what makes water hard.

Hard water tastes funny because high traces of mineral salts have a distinctive flavor that’s highly distinguishable from filtered water. The taste is similar to a rusty or iron-like essence. It leaves a bitter and lingering flavor in your mouth. Although there are not any severe or serious health implications drinking hard water, it can affect or stained teeth; as well as, make your food and coffee taste funny as well.

In order to get rid of hard water, a person must either purchase bottled water on a regular basis and spend hundreds of dollars a year for pure water, or they can purchase an attachable water filter to their faucets that purifies water as it flows through. Both of these options are costly, and the attachable filters can be complicated to use and are known to break easily. The best and most recommended approach to eliminating hard water is to purchase and install a water softener in your home or property. In order to do this, a professional water softener technician must be consulted and hired to install and service a residential or commercial water softener system.

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