Winter is Easier With Soft Water

Winter is a wonderful and joyous season that offers a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. But with winter comes colder temperatures and dry climates. When the warmth of summer and fall fade away, so does the humidity. This brings on several health irritations and issues, especially dry skin and hair. Winter can cause skin to dry out, turn red, and itch. And hair can turn dry and brittle, and become harder to de-tangle.

Another common cause for problem skin and hair is hard water. Hard water contains harsh mineral ions, like iron and calcium, which are damaging to your skin and hair. But when you couple that with dry winter weather, the extent of damage to skin and hair increases significantly. So if your home has hard water, the first place to start is hard water removal. And the best way to remove hard water in your home is a water softener!

Water Softeners Support Healthy Skin and Hair

Hard water’s mineral content is highly damaging to hair and skin. After a shower, skin can feel slimy or sticky, and after some time, hair begins to feel dingy. This is because shampoo and soap are not being properly rinsed from your body as a result of hard mineral ions in the water supply. Also, hard water will make skin very dry and course, and hair can be harder to manage and appear greasy after a wash.

In the winter time, the effects of hard water are amplified, leaving hair and skin in very poor condition all season long no matter how much creams and conditioners you use. In order to eliminate the frustrating and damaging effects of hard water is to have your water supply conditioned. The best method for this is to purchase a water softener.

Water softeners remove hard mineral content from a home’s water supply, so that when the laundry, faucet, dishwasher, and showers are used, only soft, conditioned water passes through. Not only does this provide extra protection against the harshness of winter, it goes further in nurturing your hair and skin all year long.

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