How to Calculate Water Softener Size

When it comes time to replace your water softening system, it will likely be your first time since water softeners can last decades. Being new to the market, you will quickly discover that there are endless water softening options to choose from, all of which ranging in price, quality, type, and of course, size. Most options are entirely up to you to decide; but as for size, it is important to do your math correctly.

Continue reading to learn how to choose the proper water softener size for your home.

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Let’s Do Some Math!

Calculating the proper size of your anticipated water softener is simple. With a little bit of math, you can easily determine the right capacity for your water softening needs. Water softener capacity is measured in “grain removal” and in the United States, the average gallon of water has 10 grains of hardness in it. To calculate how much “grains” your establishment uses, you need to know that the average person uses around 80 gallons of water each day.

With this knowledge, follow this equation:

(Gallons Per Day x Number of Occupants) x Grains Per Gallon = Total Grains Used Each Day

So if you have 4 people in your home, your calculations would look like this:
(80 x 4) x 10 = 3,200

Here’s an itemization of the math:

People: 4
Gallons Per Person: 80
Gallons Used Per Day: 80 x 4 = 320
Grains of Hardness: 10
Total Grains Used Each Day: 320 x 10 = 3,200
Water Softener Capacity: 3,200 x 10 = 32,000

So with this example, you would need a 32,000 grain water softener. Most homes use a 33,000 grain water softener, but for larger homes with more occupants, more conditioning is required. Remember, by choosing a water softener that can handle the amount of grains used per day in your home or office, you will save time, money, and water.

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